Camille-Pierre Pambu Bodo, known as Bodo (born 1953), is a painter from the Democratic Republic of Congo.Bodo was born in 1953 and raised in Mandu, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bodo left high school to move to Kinshasa in 1970; he participated in the exhibit Art Partout that same year, and has since become Pentecostal. He lives, works, and preaches in Kinshasa.Bodo Pambu is one of the founders and key proponents of the Zaïre school of popular painting. His works, along with other artists’ work, vigorously exemplify their belief in their capacity to create art that could change history.Bodo paints everything that he has seen and experienced in his life. His works then successively became chronicles, pamphlets, manifestos, demands or advice. His motive for behind his art is far from selfish. One of Bodo’s main themes was the “Ndoki Zoba” (sorcery) and the aims of these paintings were to discourage the practice of sorcery. Bodo’s work is fairly surreal, and bears some resemblance to the paintings of Hieronymous Bosch. Some of his paintings are in The Contemporary African Art Collection (CAAC) of Jean Pigozzi. His art eventually evolved into symbolic or fantasy subject matter, with a strange imagination that came as a result of his dreams.“I express everything that happens to me, so that I am no longer focused on specifically African topics and can address myself to the entire world.”The titles of his works: River of Delights, Ignorance, or Love, the Source of Life, perfectly echo his beliefs.